A reliable companion who is always by the side of customersA company born out of people's trust. An insurance company you can count on. That's the beginning of NH Property and Casualty

NH Property and Casualty Insurance is an insurance company launched from a small-scale mutual benefit society with 50 years of history. We intend to strengthen our professionalism and long-term growth foundation.

Trust & Promise

  • Beginning
    with sincerity

    NH Property and Casualty Insurance begins with our sincerity to customers. we have grown from a small mutual benefit society intended to protect the lives and properties of farmers into a large P&C insurance firm. We reach out to the hearts of our neighbors as well as farmers with our genuine hearts for them as a trustworthy and reliable P&C specialized insurance company.

  • Growing
    with trust

    Nonghyup Financial network, which encompasses 5,700 locations across the nation including 4,500 local agricultural and livestock cooperative offices and 1,200 Nonghyup Bank branches, is the stepping stone for the growth of NH Property and Casualty. We are working hard to become an insurance company that is always available to help our customers by expanding our customer contact points with an increase in the number of Nonghyup hybrid consultants, telemarketing centers, and general agencies.

  • Rewarding
    with fulfillment

    As an easily accessible insurance company, NH Property and Casualty wants to anticipate the needs of our customers. We hope to guarantee a brighter future for us and our customers by continuing our efforts to expand the number of customer contact points and new products as the leading P&C insurer.