Corporate Social Responsibility

As a sustainable company that fulfills its corporate social responsibilities, NH Property and Casualty Insurance tries to grow together with our communities. Our average time of 8.68 hours in per-person social contribution activities and the CSR donation-to-net profit ratio of 1.85% is the highest in the industry.

  • Love of Farms and
    Social Contributions
    Through activities like the One Company One Village sisterhood program and the "Make-a-new-village" campaign, we are actively engaged in reviving farming communities. In addition, we take part in programs like helping rural villages during busy farming season, direct produce buying, crop picking, and visiting farms run by senior citizens.
  • Social Contribution
    Activities Based on
    Our own Expertise
    We engage in activities related to the Ministry of Public Safety and Security, such as the 119 rural boy scout fire safety training, the 119 campaign, and fire prevention training for livestock barns and farm equipment.
  • Community
    We are also undertaking CSR activities in communities to which we belong. For example, we meet and provide help to the handicapped, single senior citizens, children living without guardians, and female migrant workers.