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Personal Insurance (Image)

This is a comprehensive insurance plan that offers guarantees for illness, injury, property loss, liability, and damages up to the age of 100. It is flexible enough to be customized to fit the policyholder's situation and needs. For those aged between 61 and 65, there is a special plan offering protection up to the age of 100.
With these nursing and cancer insurance plans, you can rest assured knowing you are covered for contingencies such as cancer and other late-onset disorders, such as Alzheimer's. Those with pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes are eligible for these plans.
You can purchase this plan prior to the birth of your child. This is an insurance plan to protect your child from birth to childhood, adolescence, and up to 100 years of age. From small injuries to serious surgery and from minor to major medical conditions, it can protect your child from harm and prevent financial devastation on your part.
This is a flexible plan that comes with savings features in addition to protection for a rainy day. It can be customized to fit your target income upon expiration. You can choose from different options such as no-tax benefits and others.
This insurance plan protects your home from a variety of unexpected accidents, such as fire or theft. In addition, this plan provides compensation for losses from civil lawsuit expenses, other legal liabilities, and the cost of damages.
Homeowner's fire insurance
A plan to protect yourself as a motorist, it can pay for the cost of traffic tickets and provide compensation for traffic accidents. In addition, this plan can even pay for injuries suffered as a result of non-motor accidents such as fractures, burns, voice phishing, and other risks that we encounter as a part of our daily lives.
These plans are now something you can't leave home without. By signing up for an insurance plan that best fits your needs, you can enjoy your travel and leisure activities with peace of mind. The plans can pay for losses during your travel while helping you find contact information for the embassy or consulate, track lost items, support medical treatment, and provide language services.